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The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining HIGOLD Teak Outdoor Furniture

HIGOLD Outdoor Conversation Set

If you're the proud owner of some exquisite HIGOLD teak furniture (or plan to be in the future), you might be curious about how to clean teak wood and searching the internet for the best methods.

You're in the right place. As outdoor furniture experts, we at HIGOLD have compiled our top tips to help your teak pieces come back to life. From the tools you'll need to keep your furniture scratch-free to the best materials to use, we've got it all covered.

Continue reading to learn more about teak wood, how often to clean it, and the techniques we recommend to ensure your furniture remains in peak condition.

What Is Teak Wood?

HIGOLD Teak Outdoor Furniture

Teak is a durable, warm-toned hardwood often used in luxury furniture. It's rich in natural oils and silica, making it the perfect choice for outdoor pieces facing tough weather conditions. However, not all teak is created equal. At HIGOLD, we have a stringent quality requirement, and when it comes to sourcing the teak for our furniture, we accept nothing but the best teak wood available. Moreover, the wood we use in our HIGOLD teak furniture is also proudly certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®. This means our teak meets the gold standard for harvested wood, ensuring the whole process is environmentally conscious and economically viable.

From our cozy Outdoor Teak Armchair Conversation Set to our spacious 4-12 Seater Outdoor Teak Sectional and our stylish Outdoor Teak Coffee Table, all HIGOLD teak furniture is designed with comfort, innovation, durability, and sustainability in mind. Each piece is sleek and sophisticated, with added features such as rust-proof aluminum frame and waterproof performance fabric to ensure you and your family feel safe and comfortable using HIGOLD furniture for many years to come.

Benefits of Teak Wood

HIGOLD Teak Wood Patio Furniture

- Durability: Any outdoor furniture needs to withstand harsh weather conditions. From sunlight to heavy rainfall and even occasional snow, teak wood is durable enough to face it all. - Longevity: The durability of teak directly affects another key quality—its lifespan. Since it can naturally withstand so many unique conditions, the average lifespan of teak far exceeds other materials.

- Adaptability: Teak adapts to changing weather conditions, meaning it remains cool in the hot months and doesn't become excessively cold outside. - Sustainability: One of the reasons HIGOLD chose teak is its sustainability. Overall, teak is a sustainable wood, thanks to new and sustainable forest management practices. - Low-Maintenance Care: The natural oils in teak make it naturally rot-resistant, meaning it doesn't require any additional oiling. Truly low-maintenance living. Cleaning Frequency

  • While teak is low-maintenance, we recommend a light clean at the end of each season to maintain its fresh appearance.

  • It only needs cleaning when visibly dirty.

Common Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid - Pressure Washing: Can damage the wood and strip its natural oils. - Using Steel Wool: Steel particles might separate from the brush and embed in the wood, leading to unsightly orange spots as they rust. Storing Teak Furniture

  • Teak is sturdy enough to be left outside all year round.

  • For further protection, especially in cold climates, we recommend using a breathable All-Weather Cover or storing the furniture in a warm place to prevent cracking.

Conclusion The right approach and materials are key to maintaining the quality and durability of teak wood furniture. By avoiding harsh cleaning methods and focusing on gentle care, your teak furniture can remain beautiful and durable for decades. Always remember to clean as needed, follow the correct cleaning and care steps, and avoid common mistakes to ensure your teak furniture stays in top condition.

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