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A Story of HIGOLD

Stylish Brand

HIGOLD is a prestigious outdoor furniture brand and manufacturer that ranks among the top 20 in the world. With a customer base of over 5 million worldwide, Higold boasts more than 100 luxury furniture showrooms across the globe.        

Since 1989, HIGOLD has been offering contemporary and unique patio furniture collections that have global patents. These products can help our partners maintain a leading position in the industry.

HIGOLD have many product collection


Enjoying exclusive design garden furniture

Within our extensive collection you can choose between lounge sets, dining sets, bar sets, lounge chairs, tables, benches, stools and stylish accessories.

Innovative designs, original forms, smart solutions, top quality materials and weather-resistant (Sunbrella®) fabrics are the characteristics of Higold. In this way we let design, comfort, functionality and durability go together.

HIGOLD 2024 New Collection

RIVA Collection

HIGOLD 2024 NEW collection Riva collection dining table dining set high end luxury dining furniture designed by Claudio Bellini
RIVA 2064 outdoor furniture patio furniture outdoor dining set luxury dining furniture des

In a game of solids and voids, of lights and shadows, the RIVA collection is born. 

It takes inspiration from the Moorish style of Andalusian architecture and it is 
characterised by its severe and essential lines. The empty spaces, created by 
the particular making of the yarn, bring to mind the arches of the Palace of Carlos V in Granada. A touch of Spain in your house.

An exciting blast inspriation from the Sixties. 

This collection is a clear reference to the 60s world where harmony and calm were essential.
Convenience and comfort, stability, lightness and adaptability are the main features of this outdoor furniture.  This is LEO collection, characterised by the decisive sign of the armrests, which represent its distinctive feature such as the essentiality of the lines.

HIGOLD 2024 LEO collection teak wood outdoor conversation set designed by Claudio Bellini

HIGOLD 2024 New Collection

LEO Collection

HIGOLD 2024 New Collection

VASCA Collection

HIGOLD 2024 VASCA collection rope weave collection patio conversation set

It takes inspiration from the long summer days, when you are so tired that the only thing you would do is to be rocked by the light of the moon.

You will feel asleep cradled in the arms of VASCA collection.  The weavings of the furnitures' structure remind you of the cord of an hammock childhood.  It leaves in your soul the sensation of light-heartedness, well-being and levity, perfect mix at the end of a demanding day.


Take a Look

HIGOLD 2024 Pallisad collection all teak patio conversation set with thick cushions

HIGOLD 2024 New Collection

PALLISAD Collection

HIGOLD 2024 New Collection

LIGO Collection

HIGOLD 2024 LIGO collection  patio conversation set aluminum with fabric sofa side
家具5.815821 - 副本.jpg

A breeze in a shady corner of the arid and sunny lands of South Italy. A game of shadows. This is the LIGO collection.

Meant to relax, put themselves in a safe place and leave out all bad feelings. A simple construction but which carries with it distinctive and recognizable signs. Its shapes wrapped in fabric recall old tents collected on the beaches.

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