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Nicola Girotti

Pininfarina Italy

Design Manager and responsible for the UI / UX teams of the Pininfarina business units dedicated to cars and other products. 

Nicola Girotti is the Design Manager, responsible for the UI/UX team of the Pininfarina business unit, working on automotive and other products.

Nicola Girotti leads a team of more than 20 designers across the widest range of design fields: aviation, rail, Marine, product, machinery and graphics.

Previously, he was Design Manager at MOTOROLA Solutions in Copenhagen and worked for Decathlon in France. These special work experiences have enabled him to learn different research methods, work with business units to identify new market opportunities and develop future product portfolios.

Pininfarina designer NicolaGirotti for HIGOLD 2042 Onda collection design

Prior to this, Nicola had the opportunity to become the first lead Designer at Cisco's European Design Center, where he was able to guide and follow the entire product design process - from the initial research phase to the definition of the user experience, right through to the application of the final details.


He also worked as a designer for Attivo Creative Resources for 5 years, designing more than 60 products - from sports, garden tools, technical equipment to sails.


He started his career as a junior designer at the Lego Concept Lab.

Design is
the instrument
to humanize innovation



Pininfarina and Higold launched Spoga Fair in Cologne Onda, an outdoor furniture Collection. Onda was born to blend in different environments and, at the same time, to make them unique. Being conceived for the outdoors, the Pininfarina design team took inspiration from the dynamism, elegance, and purity of the ocean waves, the empty space created when a lock is broken, resulting in a hollow or tube wave (onda in Italian).


Inspired by the lightness of wing, the archetype par excellence that combines lightness and strength-in the WING collection, the designers were guided by the concept of physical and perceived lightness.



“Armonia" has been conceived to bring the elegance of the interior environments to theoutdoor spaces, creating a seamless and elegant living experience. The juxtaposition ofcontrasting elements is the main component around which the design language of thisnew sofa plays. 

Selected products by Nicola Girotti

HIGOLD design team Pininfarina, onda 2042 collection patio conversation set aluminum sofa

Onda | Series 2042

Outdoor Conversation Set for 4

HIGOLD design team Pininfarina wing 2049 collection patio conversation set

Wing | Series 2049

Outdoor Conversation Set for 5

HIGOLD design team Pininfarina Armonia 2050 Collection outdoor sectional

Armonia | Series 2050

Sectional Sofa Set for 6

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