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Claudio Bellini


Claudio graduated with a degree in Industrial Design from the Politecnico University of Milan-Department of Architecture.  His approach to design incorporates concepts such as flexibility, dynamism, and minimalistic forms. 

Milan based multidisciplinary design studio shaped by the harmony of beauty and efficiency, focuses on furniture, product and interior design since 1996.

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CLAUDIO BELLINI is a Milan-based multidisciplinary design studio founded by Claudio Bellini in 1996. It is built on an open-minded and innovative perspective, is respectful to design heritage, and specializes in product, furniture, and interior design. Integrating different disciplines gives the studio the privilege to provide long-term consultancy to clients by advising on graphic design, architecture, CMF, and brand Identity.

The Studio’s capability of analyzing the complex dynamics of foreign markets has led CLAUDIO BELLINI to be recognized all around the world as one of the most influential European design practices. Today, the studio continues evolving by enhancing creativity with the support of a talented multinational team through its complementary skills.

The creative process combines a wide range of activities, such as knowledge and understanding of the topic, collection of information, and, of course, inspiration. When you are in the process of exploration, a variety of objects can cause emotions and a sequence of thoughts. Then comes the process of trials, comparing variations and identifying an idea that excites your mind and meets all customer requests.

In today’s world, and especially in today’s world of furniture, it’s important to create a product that’s not only physically comfortable but also mentally and aesthetically appealing to you.  Something that fills and complements the space and not only performs specific functions.

Embarking on
journeys that lead to 

embrace different cultures



Cambusa takes inspiration from the sea that appears golden beneath the sunlit sky. As the sunbeams onto each piece from this collection, it takes shape and accentuates the detailed gradients and elements.

An exemplary display of smooth and precise design that showcases clean-cut square features in an enlivening manner. Like the sun, warm and inviting shades are used to accomplish a collection that suits the surroundings with the utmost finesse. 

THE PROJECT - Borromeo

Borromeo is an outdoor collection that aims to combine refined elegance with natural elements and details.A collection that blends Higold’s know-how with Claudio Bellini’s sophisticated design research in perfect harmony. In Borromeo, the simplicity of natural rope is combined with the modern lines of aluminum in an interesting mix of different materials, textures, and surfaces. 



Aio is an outdoor collection characterized by a distinctive rope weave shell that supports and embraces the soft, puffy seat and back cushions.  The padded cushions welcome those who sit there in a relaxing embrace. The structure’s rope weaves are a refined detail that adds a natural touch. The combination of clean lines with soft, curved silhouettes makes this collection one to remember.

THE PROJECT - Visconti

Visconti collection is a fun and playful blend that is conceptualized and inspired by the curves and lines within caves, along with discovering a similarity with the authenticity of wood.

Visconti radiates impeccably under the sun just like the way the sun reflects on the surface of the textured cave walls. Designed and built with superior detail and quality, the comfortable cushioning conveys and offers an inviting feel and makes you enjoy well-deserved quality time. 


Selected products by Claudio Bellini

cambusa outdoor conversation set

Cambusa | Series 2062

Outdoor Conversation Set for 5

Borromeo outdoor conversation set

Borromeo | Series 2054

Outdoor Conversation Set for 5

AIO blue outdoor sofa

Aio | Series 2055

Outdoor Conversation Set for 5

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