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Nicolas Thomkins


NICOLAS THOMKINS, born in Switzerland and living in Germany, has a very large knowledge background and a strong sense of humor. He joined in Higold design team in 2014 and has completed several original designs. Among all, the Airport collection has been regarded as the benchmark of new design trends in the furniture industry.

The initial application of Corrugated Aluminum Sheets upon furniture has attracted eyes and good compliments from abroad and home. He focuses on product details and user experience by applying ergonomics into product design. His design advocates nature, fulfills positive spirit, and contains his understanding to life and the pursuit to health.  

Nicolas Thomkins, born 1953 in Ascona, Switzerland, studied fine arts and sculpture at Düsseldorf Art Academy as well as industrial design at the Folkwang Design School of Essen University.

In 1983, he founded his own design office, first in Maidenhead, Great Britain, followed by further offices in Lucerne, Essen and Cologne, here under the name “T.B.A. Designsozietät” and together with two partners.

HIGOLD chief designer Nicolas Thomkins from Germany

He has worked for clients such as Imperial, Miele, Gunther Lambert, Küppersbusch and Schindler Aufzüge AG and Fendi Casa. Nicolas Thomkins has won several awards in international design competitions such as the red dot design award: best of the best (2007), Legacy of the Future Award (2008) and iF design award china (2008).

timeless design with
heirloom quality 



Airport collection is made of bend-extruded T Profile and corrugated sheet metals (CSM) that were used by the Junkers Airplane Company of Dessau as the most suitable material to build the first and biggest fleet commercially-used planes.

Corrugated sheet metal (CSM ) made of steel or aluminum has been known and mass-produced all over the world to cover walls and roofs for any kind of domestically or commercially used buildings.


Nick developed the new "SHELDON" collection with our team as a timeless design recommended for casual outdoor seating but also for comfortable, sophisticated indoor lounging. The solid wooden legs are giving this natural classic touch - embracing the comfortable aluminum seat with comfortable cushions. We offer various matching colors and textures for "SHELDON", "SHELDON" with its transitional wooden and metal structures will match perfectly in the young, contemporary private home as well as in any stylish commercial environment - enjoy the fresh "SHELDON" look by Nicolas Thomkins for HIGOLD.



Clark collection is designed for reaching the comfort of a simple structure. Looking at the neat tubes, you will see there is no welding connection from the back and the joint has been well blended to each other which has seldom found in aluminum constructions of furniture. Another unique feature from Clark is that the tubes are embracing the weaving back which has never been seen in the market with such creative application.

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